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PC Repair Services in Fairbanks and Wasilla, AK

Are you looking for PC repair services in Fairbanks or Wasilla, AK? If you’re having any issues with your personal computer, choose iTWorks. We have experience repairing a full range of computer related issues. Whether you need an inshop consultation or on-site service, we can diagnose the issue (or issues) and make the proper repair.  


We offer a variety of services, including:  

  • PC Troubleshooting 
  • PC Repairs 
  • PC Technical Support 
  • Windows Maintenance and Updates 
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades 
  • Data Backup and Recovery  


We can also handle most issues related to water damage, cracked screens, and charging problems. From students to teachers to working professionals, we’ve helped countless people get their PC’s working like new again. Whether your computer is slow, glitchy, or completely brokenwe’ve got you covered. 

To set up an appointment, contact iTWorks. We’d be happy to help you schedule PC repair services in Fairbanks or Wasilla, AK.